Cairo, Georgia

Cairo, Georgia


Haiti Cheri Harvest Life Ministries

Haiti Cheri Harvest Life Ministries was founded by Rev. Oris Guillaume, a Haitian pastor and missionary. It is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has been working in Haiti for more than nine years. With programs addressing ministry, education, medical, and development, Haiti Cheri desires to address the comprehensive needs of the Haitian people. Programs are focused primarily in the north and northeast areas of the country. Haiti Cheri believes that solutions to the issues the Haitian people face must come from the people themselves. As a result, the in-country staff consists entirely of Haitian nationals, while the organization in the US provides leadership, support and communication.

Haiti Cheri is honored to receive support from Kids Against Hunger in Cairo. Over the years, Kids Against Hunger has provided hundreds of thousands of meals through Haiti Cheri to those who are literally starving. A short-term mission team that traveled from the US in April was able to witness firsthand the gratefulness of the Haitian people as the food was distributed through medical clinics and the local church. Ultimately, by addressing the felt needs of the people, the door is opened to the redemptive message of the Gospel. During this short-term mission, people were literally pulling the team from house to house so they could hear how they might be saved.

The photos show food being distributed in the villages of Dolval and Acul Samedi. During mobile medical clinics, patients first saw a nurse or EMT to determine their medical needs. They would proceed from there to a doctor's station for diagnosis. After seeing the doctor, patients would move to the pharmacy to receive any medications they might need, and then finally would stop at a prayer station to receive food from Kids Against Hunger and to receive prayer for the needs they have. The mission was a tremendous success and we are forever grateful for the partnership with Kids Against Hunger.

For more information about Haiti Cheri, please visit on the web at http://www.haiticheri.org.

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